07 July 2009

Day 2

Many blessings today . . . . .

Young people shared "I am . . ." poems at worship this morning that were beautiful, expressive, vulnerable, informative and faithful - their first form of Public Narrative practice for telling their stories to the church. Eucharist was simple, accessible, personal, meaningful and hopeful.

We connected with many, many friends today - mostly brief encounters as we moved from one place to another. That is the nature of how the GCOYP moves through convention - nimble, attentive, determined. These faithful servants are already working hard, supporting each other, and praying together, embracing their diversity and the depth of their experiences.

We prayed tonight for wisdom, endurance, and grace. We offered thanks for an abundance of Godly moments today in our many encounters and experiences.

God is good and we are truly blessed.

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