07 August 2009

EYE 2011

Now that we're on the other side of General Convention the questions about the 2011 Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) have begun rolling in. I, too, am eager to get to work on this amazing event. I am very aware that there are many opinions about how and when and what and where EYE should take place. I hope to set some anxieties aside with the following reassurances.

EYE is on the radar for the next priority on the calendar for me and the Provincial Youth Ministry Coordinators (PYMC). We have a solid core of experienced PYMCs and some vacancies in some provinces where we have opportunities for fresh contributions from new folks joining this team. We hope to complete the transitions by September when we convene the team and review expectations and evaluations from past Episcopal Youth Events. The PYMC and past EYE Design Team members keep EYE at a constant simmer on the back burner of our landscape so that it is never completely put to rest. It is ongoing work of my office and I take that priority seriously.

We are working in a new landscape of a radically smaller budget and smaller staff. As I continue to comprehend the implications of the actions that took place regarding budget at General Convention, it is abundantly clear that EYEs of the future cannot operate in the same manner. Nor should they. The church is a living, breathing, growing body that exists to join God in creatively embracing God's mission in the world. Recommendations from previous design teams have been pushing for significant change. This budget cycle will force the issue.

The PYMC will convene in September to set the EYE process in motion. I pledge to keep you informed as decisions are made and procedures are in place. I trust that we have your prayers and that those of you who will be called upon for consultations will respond quickly to assist this ministry. Pray for creativity, innovation, potential for transformation, cooperation, and grace.

Program Officer for Lifelong Christian Formation and Youth

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