28 September 2009

Lifelong Christian Formation Network Meetings

I've just returned from a week at Kanuga Camp and Conference Center in North Carolina with the Provincial Youth Ministry Coordinators (PYMC) and the Episcopal Council for Christian Education (ECCE). My colleagues, Ruth-Ann Collins (Adult Formation) and Jeffri Harre (Children's Formation), and I (Youth Formation) planned for some time for the two networks to meet together as well as time for more focused work.

We had a really excellent week. Thank you for your prayers in lifting up the ministry to which we have been called together. We also had opportunities to interact with the Start Up! Start Over! conference and the Plant My Church conference that were taking place at Kanuga, too. We had time to engage in conversations with conference participants during meals, a reception, and for worship. Some valuable connections were made and you can rest assured that our unique and vital ministries with children, youth, and adults were the topics of many casual conversations.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Linda Watt, was able to sit with us for one of our sessions and commented that the two networks represented a highly committed, skilled, and creative force for ministry in the church. As she heard stories of our ever-expanding job descriptions in tighter economic times she was impressed with our cheerful ability to embrace the liberal arts aspects of our work. She expressed gratitude for our ministry and encouraged us to continue to be creative.

I came away from our time together energized and hopeful. We have several tasks assigned to ourselves and you will hear more about opportunities as they arise. I am thankful for a member of the PYMC who sent the following note over the weekend, "Everyone has energy, enthusiasm, respect for one another, and a real sense of hope. "

I couldn't have said it better. Amen!


  1. It was great to meet "y'all" (practicing my Kanuga drawl) last week. Blessings as you lead us forward.

    Matt Marino
    Youth and Young Adults
    Diocese of Arizona