05 January 2010

Twelfth Night

Here ends Christmastide as we are illuminated with the Epiphany. Tomorrow we celebrate the gifts of the wise ones who have traveled from afar, faithfully following a star - light, illumination, spilling into the darkness of the world. Years ago the following card found me. It is a work of art with words and scripture that always captures my imagination and reassures my spirit, especially this time of year.

Holly Monroe is the calligrapher/artist who gave me permission to use this piece. You can learn more about her and her amazing gift at her website http://www.hollymonroe.com/.

Thank you, Holly, for your generosity and for sharing your gifts with the world.

Thank you, Wise Ones, for making a faithful pilgrimage through the dark to enlightenment, and showing us how to respond with gifts. Thank you, Creator, for the gift of Twelve days of Christmas Joy!

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