16 February 2010

Lenten Devotions

Tomorrow marks the change of Liturgical Season in our church year as we observe Ash Wednesday as our entry into a Holy Lent. Many resources are available for people of all ages in our congregations. Please check the resources offered on our website, www.episcopalchurch.org

With Youth Ministry specifically in mind, I encourage you to seek and share our online daily devotionals for this upcoming season. Many of you already visit www.d365.org, our ecumenical collaboration with the Presbyterian Church USA and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

This year we collaborated on a specific approach for d365's shift to Journey to the Cross, the Lenten name for the devotions, utilizing a theme from part of our Episcopal rite of Confession; Things Done and Left Undone.  The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, recently consecrated as the newest bishop in our church in the Diocese of Minnesota, is the Ash Wednesday writer.  Brian's reflections, written for teenage youth and the adults who serve as companions on their journey, will help us to begin this journey in faith.


Following is a note from Passport, our partner in producing d365:

Thank you for your continued interest in following the devotions on www.d365.org. Please note that tomorrow the site will become Journey to the Cross for a Lenten journey through Easter. The look will be different, but the five steps will remain the same. Ken Medema has written eight new arrangements to musically accompany your daily visit.
Please pass information to your friends, church members and family so that they may join us on the journey.
If you have found this site helpful, please consider supporting this ministry by making a donation online at www.d365.org/support.
God's peace to you,
The Passport, Inc. Team
Passport is an international non-profit student ministry empowering students to encounter Christ, embrace community and extend grace to the world. To find out more, visit www.passportcamps.org.

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  1. Ash Wednesday, as we began Journey to the Cross, was the biggest day ever on d365.org; over 9,000 unique visitors. Imagine that many people around the globe reading, reflecting, and praying using the same resource!
    God is good. Thank you for joining this global community of prayer :)