16 March 2010

Mission EYE 2011

I am pleased to report that mission EYE 2011 will take place June 22-26 in St. Paul, Minnesota, on the campus of Bethel University. Save the dates! Plan your travel budget and trust that we are working hard to keep the participant price as low as possible! We’ll keep you posted about the new things you can expect as soon as we can convene the Mission Planning Team and reach some decisions about theme and events. We will have a soft start to the event on June 22 as youth arrive in Minnesota, and our official Opening Eucharist will be first thing Thursday, June 23, once every one has arrived. We will conclude the official event on Saturday night, June 25. All participants will need to arrive on the 22nd and stay through the morning of the 26th. Minnesota is gearing up to welcome you and provide opportunities for worship, mission, and cultural exchanges if you want to stay for an extra few days. Stay tuned to learn more as plans develop!

We need your help, right now. Please discern which teenaged youth leaders in your diocese you would encourage to make an application to serve on the EYE 2011 Mission Planning Team. This is an accelerated application process that truly does require your immediate attention and assistance.
EYE Mission Planning is not for every youth. This is a call to leadership for a very select few teenagers who have demonstrated a capacity for servant leadership, a level of maturity that is above and beyond most of their peers, and a passion for the Gospel that they can articulate and pray about. The Mission Planning Team is not a place to discern leadership, but an opportunity to partner with faithful, hardworking adults to exercise and deepen existing leadership skills.
Completed applications are available from me and will be accepted until March 29. Yes, it is a tight window of application opportunity. The team will be smaller than past design teams and we need people who can respond quickly and step up to work hard. I trust that if you have youth who meet the criteria you can reach them quickly and help them to respond with the necessary forms and signatures.
Your Provincial Youth Ministry Coordinator (PYMC) can help address any questions or concerns you may have. For contact information see this link to our website, or contact Valerie Harris, our Associate for Formation and Vocation Ministries, 1-800-334-7626. Information is also available soon at http://www.episcopalyouthevent.org/ and will be regularly updated here on the blog, too.

Please pray for EYE!

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