23 April 2010


I subscribe to a weekly update from the Pew Research Center that frequently reports on a diverse number of elements that make up the life of a teenager. This week's publication includes a summary of details from an indepth study about teens and cell phone use; primarily texting.

For those of us in youth ministry, this study reveals no great surprises. For those parents footing the bill for family plans, we are not alone. However, we have created the "monster," so to speak.

I find it interesting that teens are often villified for using/abusing the equipment, technology, and toys that ADULTS have designed, developed, manufactured, and marketed.

The statistics toward the end of the linked report are the most alarming to me. We all need to be talking with the teens in our lives about responsible cell phone use - especially when coupled with driving.

Enjoy the article and consider subscribing to this reputable research foundation's weekly findings. It's FREE!

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