14 February 2011

Desktops and Updates

I've been spending some time organizing since my return from several weeks on the road meeting with amazing EpiscoPeeps and learning of vital ministries. You know the disoriented feeling when you get back from a conference with all kinds of ideas and new things you want to do. And then you look at the backlog of emails and voice mails, and the neglected To Do list. And then there's the dilemma of  responding to your new friends and colleagues with initiatives and connections that you made while you were away. . . .

I spent last week playing catch-up; recovering from the crud I caught in the Carolinas, and putting my workspace back together so that I can find everything. This week is mostly a "work on EYE week," but I am also trying to follow through on some commitments made when meeting with folks at the ECCC Annual Meeting, and the NAECED Tapestries conference (links to both at right). I came away from both events inspired and encouraged. We have so many talented, educated, energetic, faithful people working for Christ in this church.

My commitment to you is that I will endeavor to keep you connected so that you don't feel isolated, unsupported, or unappreciated. Youth and Young Adult ministry, which includes the need for many faithful and well-formed adults, is truly the best possible tool for evangelism. As I learn of new techniques, best practices, amazing ministries, outstanding curricula, I will do my best to push that information out to you. And please, share what you know with me, too, so that I can send it around this network that I fondly refer to as the EpiscoYouth network.

In light of this pledge, I have just added twothree new links to this blog that will soon be available on our ever-so-slowly-but-truly-changing-for-the-better website. I believe the new site will truly be helpful in many ways. The new branding makes sense, too. You can read about it in the latest Church Center Newsletter that also features an interview with me about EYE. Check out this new stuff. Use it. Share it. 

Blessings on your ministry!

Designed by Episcopal Relief and Development in collaboration with educators and youth ministers, these modules offer an intensive educational program for middle- and high-school students that brings the needs and hopes of the world together with the lives of youth, in a context framed by liturgy and filled with prophetic stories of Scripture. Adaptable to many settings.

An on-line Christian Ed Community brought to you by Sharon Ely Pearson, Christian Formation Specialist at Church Publishing Group. This is the place to share great ideas, learn of new curricula, and ask questions of all of your colleagues in ministry.

A quarterly publication from Church Center staff - currently bookmarked to an interview with the Officer for Youth Ministry.

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