14 September 2011

So you went to EYE this summer . . .

So what?!?

What did you do there? 

I built a house. Well it wasn’t just me. We built a house. Well I didn’t get to actually work on the house. But we built a house at EYE! It was so cool! And the Bishop of Minnesota climbed up on the roof with a bagpiper so we could all bless it, together, and we gave thanks for the hands that built it, and we prayed for those who will finish it once it gets moved from the college parking lot, and we celebrated those who get to live in it. We did that and so much more at EYE in Minnesota!

The greatest challenge is taking EYE home; to our congregations, communities, and the world. In St. Paul, Minnesota, last June there was a very clear emphasis on empowerment. Participants heard stories of faithful people who were able to prayerfully discern their own gifts, claim their personal passions, and put their faith in action to serve a need in the world; local or global. We learned about and engaged mission during EYE in St. Paul, and all across the church during the 3 Days of Mission that followed the event.

We are working on resources to be shared from the event, but the most valuable resources are out there in your congregations and dioceses. Most of them are 16, 17, or 18 years old. They claimed their Episcopal identity this summer. They learned that they have so much more to learn. And they know that they are ministers of the church, now, called by Baptism, and claimed by Christ; prophetic voices and partners in ministry with energy and passion to serve NOW. 

Are you helping these enthusiastic youth discern their vocation as Christians? Were you personally transformed at EYE, this one or a previous one? 

Please send me your reports and stories and sermons so that I can share them with the church across the world. Use this link to my email bskov@episcopalchurch.org  to tell your story. I'll start posting the findings, learnings, missions, and yearnings here for all of us to share.

Stay tuned to see what the Spirit is doing in the world with TEENAGERS!!!!!
Thanks be to God!

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