09 November 2009

Bible Study Resource

I am working in the New York office this week, specifically collaboarating with the Communications staff regarding webpages, blogs, and electronic newsletters. You will see a shift in all of these areas over the next three months. One of my tasks is to review resources we supply on links to make sure the link is still good and the resource is what we thought it was.

The task feels a bit like cleaning my room as a teenager.

I remember unearthing things from my childhood as I slogged through the disarray of clothing strewn about the furniture and floor; artwork, notes passed to friends in class, old friendship bracelets, paper fortune-tellers. Finding clothing, long buried, that still fit was like finding a treasure, almost as good as finding a crisp, clean twenty dollar bill in my clean jeans. Inevitably I would run across something to read that would totally distract me from my intended task.

That's what happened today as I was checking links. It was actually the picture above that caught my eye. Following is a link to Faith Lens, a weekly, on-line Bible Study published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) with whom we are in full communion. I find Faith Lens a very thoughtful and highly adaptable resource for youth ministry in a congregation. Click here to check it out!

Thank you ELCA!


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