11 November 2009

The Youth & Family Institute = Vibrant Faith Ministries

The Youth & Family Institute has recently completed a re-visioning proccess and has implemented some shifts in focus and approach, including a name change to Vibrant Faith Ministries. Many of you know them as the organization that brought us Peer Ministry with the compassionate expertise of Lyle Griner, who has partnered with us in the training and implementation of Peer Ministry for the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE), in many of our congrergations, and in some of our Campus Ministry programs.

Lyle is peeling off to continue with the Peer Ministry Program, and the Vibrant Faith Ministries site continues to maintain a link for this valuable ministry resource. Lyle is also offering consultations for visioning processes, ministry coaching expertise, and more.

Vibrant Faith Ministries is promoting some new and tried and true resources, too, including a new curriculum resource for ministries with families and their certification school. Check them out to see if either is a fit for your program or congregation!

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