07 December 2009

The Second Sunday in Advent

You are the Holy One enthroned on the praises of your people. Our ancestors trusted in you and you delivered them; they put their trust in you and were not disappointed.     Psalm 22:3-5

Praise and honour to you, living God;
you chose the Hebrew people
and brought them step by step
to look for a redeemer, and hope for the Christ.
Give us grace to see our need
and recognise salvation when it comes.

God of Israel old and new,
write in our hearts the lessons of your law;
prepare our minds to receive the gospel
made visible in your Son Jesus Christ.

Living God, you called your people out of Egypt
and gave them the covenant;
prepare our hearts to hear your call,
so that we may receive with joy the Gospel of your Son
and be your faithful people,
now and forever.


From A New Zealand Prayer Book, The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

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