08 March 2010

To Blog or Facebook . . .

That seems to be a hot question in youth ministry these days. The NAECED (see link at right for more) listserve has been chatting about the pros and cons of various Facebook techniques this past week. The Province V Youth Ministry Network, which I will be visiting this week, is focusing on sharing technology and communication strategies. My own office is beginning a new networking strategy. Ewart Jones, the Diocesan Missioner for Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas uses both, Facebook and Blogger! I asked Ewart to share an introductory paragraph with us before you click over to their site.The link is at the bottom of this post. Here's what Ewart had to say about the their Blog.

Diocesan youth ministry in the Diocese of Texas has adopted a contemplative approach adopted from Mark Yaconelli’s work with the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project. There are seven steps in this approach: contemplation, community, companioning, clarity, action, reflection and a return to contemplation. The hope is to be more intentional and accountable in the ministry in which we are engaged. This approach guides our programs, retreats and conferences. We have steering committees that are composed of youth and adults that “govern” the decisions of our programs and we try to use every mode of communication (snail mail, email, diocesan paper and website, blog, social media) to spread the word about our particular “theology” of youth ministry.

Do you blog? Post a comment with a link so we can all share!


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