16 July 2010

Episcopalians on the Move

I suspect that this three week stretch of the summer is when there are more youthful Episcopalians on the move in mission, pilgrimage, camping, and VBS programs than any other stretch of time in the calendar year. Please hold all travelers, pilgrims, and missioners in your prayers.  When you encounter pilgrims and mission workers on your summer journey, whether they be "ours" or others, please greet them warmly, inquire about their journey, thank them, and send them with a prayer. Yes, even when their bus pulled into the McDonald's before you did!

One report of young Episcopalians on the move made it into the media today. Check out what this group from North Carolina is doing in their own backyard as they participate on the Freedom Ride by clicking this link. Way to go Freedom Riders! We can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey.

Please send news and links of the amazing things your youth are doing this summer. I would love to share this news as far and wide as I can. Bless you and your amazing ministry.

Prayer for Travellers
Merciful God, Giver of life and health,
guide, we pray, with your wisdom
all who are striving to protect travellers
   from injury or harm;
grant to those who travel consideration for others,
and to those who walk and play
a thoughtful caution and care;
so that without fear or misfortune
we may all come safely to our journey's end,
by your mercy, who care for each one of us;
through Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen.
 - Celebrating Common Prayer


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