23 July 2010


I have the tremendous blessing of joining several youth and young adults on a joint pilgrimage between Province IV Youth Ministry and Kanuga to The Holy Lands over the next two weeks. Jessica Bodford of Kanuga staff has already begun a blog that you might visit to follow us. Check out Into the Holy Lands for updates. She has done a wonderful job of pre-pilgrimage blogging including research on all manner of aspects in preparation.

Members of the Formation and Vocation Ministries Team of the Episcopal Chutrch Center are rotating through summer travel and vacation cycles so that we always have office coverage. Don't hesitate to email or call. Team Associate Valerie Harris has everything under control and will happily refer your inquiry to a helpful staff member if you can't find the person you thought you needed.

The new electronic communication from the Youth Ministries Office is off my desk and rests with our experts in Communications. It is my hope and prayer that you have received your transmission of EpiscoYouth Network News before I return to the office on August 10th. This will only happen if you are on our Diocesan Youth Ministries distribution list. Once we are in publication mode anyone will be able to opt in as a subscriber. I'll post more about that next month.

Have a blessed end of summer!

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