10 August 2010

Making a Difference in the Life of a Child

I returned to my home/office in Minnesota from a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands approximately 48 hours ago. I think I've recovered from sleepless travel, and the temps in Minnesota are rivaling those we weathered in Jerusalem, but I'm still feeling disoriented regarding my surroundings; the people, the food, my freedom of movement . . . .

The blog that was published by fellow pilgrim, Jessica Bodford, is excellent. If you're curious please click here to read of our faithful and enlightening journey.

In catching up on numerous emails and reading updates I found a not-so-little story from two newspapers in Montana and Wyoming about a camp for homeless children. This is yet another example of one of the many ways the Episcopal Church continues to make a difference in the lives of children. Click here to follow the link I discovered with the help of our Public Affairs Officer, Neva Rae Fox. My hat is off to Wyoming Wilderness Camp and Camp Director and collegue Pat Walsh, and my heart is full of gratitude for their faithful and creative ministry.

Please share your stories of how your ministry makes the difference in the life of a child!


  1. I have shared your "hats off" with the people of Wyoming! We started a new blog this year - read more at http://wyomingwildernesscamp.blogspot.com/.

  2. Camp kept me in church as a teen and is what brought me back to my faith after my prodigal years.

  3. The diocese of Wyoming just totally rocks! They're putting their money where their mouth is, just like they always do. Go Wyoming!