24 August 2010

New Resource

The following news release crossed my email desktop today. As a Minnesota Episcopalian I have been blessed with Minnesota Public Radio and have listened to Krista Tippett's Speaking of Faith® program from its infancy. This new resource may or may not be what is best for your congregation, but it looks like an opportunity to engage across some generational lines within the congregation with fresh perspectives and new material. If you choose to try it we would love to know what you think! Use the comments feature on the blog or send me an email bskov@episcoaplchurch.org.

From Church Publishing, Inc. New York, New York -

As part of a unique new partnership between a publisher and weekly radio broadcast, Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI) has developed and released a series of new, online church-group resources in conjunction with the popular radio program, Speaking of Faith® with Krista Tippett, produced by American Public Media.

Titled Speaking of Faith® for Small Groups™, the new program resources are designed for high school, young adult, and adult study groups and revolve around topical, interfaith conversations and interviews conducted by Krista Tippett on previously broadcast programs. Four modules of Speaking of Faith® for Small Groups™ are now available, including:

Sustainable Faith: God, the Environment and Human Responsibility
Einstein's God: Science, Faith and the Life of Wonder
Spiritual Heroes: Women and Men on the Frontiers of Faith
Living Islam: Beauty, Truth, Compassion

The modules can be previewed and purchased exclusively at www.churchpublishing.org/speakingoffaith


  1. Katie tried posting the following but couldn't get it to work. Are others having difficulty in posting. Please let me know so I can look into it. Thanks for sending this Katie.
    "Any chance of getting the pricing information on the official website? It took a little bit to find this information... Also the 2008 official site (http://eye2008.org/) now directs to a "great religious items on the web" site.
    Katie Wright
    Rector, St. Andrew's, Elyria, Ohio"

  2. Katie,
    I have no control over the Church Publishing Website, please contact Sharon Ely Pearson there with resource questions.

    Undfortunately the 2008 Episcopal Youth Event domain was date specific and therefore was not renewed. The new domain is not date specific: www.episcopalyouthevent.org