09 September 2010

Faith in Action - Global Work Party 10/10/10

Many of you are already seasoned participants in the Souper Bowl of Caring. This was a grass roots effort started by young people putting their faith in action. Over 12,000 groups generated over $10 million in 2010 to help relieve hunger.

The Global Work Party taking place on 10/10/10 is another grass roots effort that young people can easily join to put their faith in action. At 350.org you can click through several ideas, big and small, in which your youth group, or the young person in your congregation, can help make a difference in the world. It's an excellent website and the "people" tab will connect you to an outstanding faith page that includes ideas and prayers. You can create a Work Party of your own, or join one that has already started in your community. The campaigns page at the website helps you determine which option. Please register your Work Party on the site and add a "faith" and "Episcopal" tag to the your event in the appropriate "tag" field in the event registration page. Our Environmental and Economic Affairs office, Young Adult and Campus Ministries Office, and our Youth Ministries Office are all promoting participation in this effort in response to General Convention resolutions, including the Genesis Covenant adopted in 2009, and The Episcopal Church's commitment to the Five Marks of Mission. To read more about it from the Episcopal perspective, please check out Mike Schut's recent ENS article.

If youth in your congregation create or join a work party, offer prayers for the day on 10/10/10, ring your church bell 350 times, or wear a T-shirt to create conversation and awareness about carbon emissions, I want to hear about it. Please send your YOUTH GROUP 10/10/10 story and digital pictures to me with those highlighted words in the subject line. I promise I will report back with stats on how youth of The Episcopal Church did their part to help transform the world.

Now, anybody know of a Work Party in Milwaukee that day? I'll check the website, too. I don't fly out until late in the afternoon and I've already ordered my T-shirt!

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