08 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Shrove Tuesday is defined as "the last day of Shrovetide, long observed as a season of merry-making before Lent."

Which led me to look up Shrovetide, which is defined as "the three days before Ash Wednesday, once a time of confession and absolution."

So how does this equal pancakes? or Mardi Gras? or Fat Tuesday?

I will let the trained professionals get into the specific theology of all these connections. We have many resources available for those of you willing to confess your sin of Procrastination in Preparation for Lent.

Click here for the link to resources on The Episcopal Church website.

Click here  and here to go to Church Publishing's lesson on Lent and the Building Faith Blog. Our friend and colleague Sharon Ely Pearson got a good chuckle out of my confession that some Youth Ministers are members of Procrastinators Anonymous and are in desperate need of our resource information RIGHT NOW.

As I contemplate the chili, cornbread, and chocolate feast that is the tradition of my congregation this night, I welcome this moment of change in our annual journey through the liturgical year. My Lenten discipline this year includes a pledge to pray for each of you engaged in mission and ministry every morning of Lent. I have my list of dioceses and will try to remember to FaceBook the dioceses I'm holding in prayer each day with gratitude and hope for the rising generation of Christian leaders.

Farewell, Alleluia!

God of the desert, as we follow Jesus into the unknown,
may we recognise the tempter when s/he comes;
let it be your bread we eat,
your world we serve and you alone we worship.
 - Collect for Ash Wednesday, A New Zealand Prayer Book

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