08 April 2011

EYE Update

Yes, it's true, you do have to register your diocesan delegation for this summer's Episcopal Youth Event no later than April 15. Please note that only the required fields in the registration process need be completed at that time. All the details and forms are not required until May 31. Meghan, our registration person extraordinaire, can help you with questions about the mechanics of registration. On the 15th I will be asking for a report that lists registration organized by diocese detailing number of Youth, Adults, and Bishops, according to gender. We have to begin the rooming process immediately and therefore need that most basic report on April 15. Forms and instructions for the registration process have been moved to the top of the registration page here. Still have questions? Contact me, Bronwyn Skov.

I understand that you may have minor changes to your delegation as time progresses. We will do our best to accommodate your needs but need to keep that number to a manageable one so that we can honor deadlines for our facility contract and make sure that everyone is accounted for and well cared for at EYE.

A word about bishops - please register them by the deadline. There is a drop down menu on a required field that includes "Bishop" as one of the choices for type of participant. Once we know how many bishops are attending, we will contact you with lodging options. Until we know what sort of numbers we have, we can't really plan the details.

For those still unclear about "what happens at EYE," I offer the following brief.

The theme is discerned from Matthew 10: 40-42, the Gospel appointed for June 22.

Come Together!
We are Intimately Linked in this Harvest Work
June 22-26, 2011
St. Paul, Minnesota @ Bethel University

Our focus will be on mission. Our daily themes begin with building, progress to sharing, and finish with fulfilling. Each day will have components that include large group worship and plenary sessions, small reflection groups, workshops, recreation sessions, mission opportunities and more. The event will include prayer, practice, music, food, fellowship, and fun!

Please hold the Mission Planning Team for EYE in your prayers as they come together at the end of the month to continue planning details for EYE. Following that meeting packing lists and instructions will come to you via your diocesan registrar the first week in May.

We can't wait to welcome you to Minnesota!

P.S. We still have plenty of availability for the Paint-a-Thon as a 3 Days of Mission option following EYE. Most of the other options have filled. Contact Wendy today with questions at EYE3Days@episcopalchurch.org.

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