10 June 2011

Twelve days to EYE!

We were almost ready to send out confirmations and travel instructions this week, but we are still chasing down some last minute details from a few dioceses. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and prayers. The EYE Mission Planning Team and Church Center Staff (especially Meghan and Valerie) are working well beyond full capacity right now and we three are working through the weekend to make sure you have a smooth registration process at Bethel University.

A couple of items as a heads up:
  • We have managed to fit ALL of our full-paying participants into air conditioned dorms (which may or may not be necessary in June in Minnesota!), but we have very little room to spare. We have done our level best to keep dioceses in the same or adjacent dorms and to honor cooperative ventures with dioceses sharing Adult Leaders. Please come to EYE with the knowledge that we have done our very best considering every nuance that has come our way. We're human and hope that if we've missed something you will be gracious and flexible as we work through it together. THANK YOU!
  • In meeting with our Health Care Nurse, Siri, it is clear that we do not have complete information from all of you regarding medications and somehow we all missed the DATE OF BIRTH. Your confirmation email will also be requesting that you bring with you a sheet for each participant that lists NAME, DIOCESE, DATE OF BIRTH and MEDICATIONS/DIAGNOSIS. These will be held confidentially in the nurse's office and will only be accessed by the nurse with the Adult Leader in the event of a health issue. You may complete these and send them electronically before you travel, or bring them with you.
  • If you have questions over the weekend, please refer to the WHAT TO BRING and FAQ's (downloadable PDFs) documents on the website available here. I am traveling to NYC this weekend and will be with Church Center staff Monday through Wednesday to finalize our preparations before we relocate to Minnesota. We will respond to your questions next week as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as we can. Many of your questions will be addressed in the Monday message if they aren't already addressed in the documents above.
BCS and Valerie Harris
Please know that the staff and team are praying for your safe travel and your preparations for the Episcopal Youth Event. If you Tweet, our hashtag is #EYE2011. We pray that you arrive in good health and eager to be open to the Spirit working in all of us as we faithfully Come Together!

Blessings on your weekend,
Bronwyn, Valerie, and Meghan

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