29 September 2011

So You Want To Host EYE?

Is your diocese interested in hosting a future EYE? If we stay on the current triennial schedule, the next EYE should be held in the summer of 2014. The best time for the event for U.S. high school schedules is the week following the Independence Day holiday, preferably the Wednesday through Sunday following the Fourth of July. Ideally we are targeting July 9-13, 2014.

Minnesota set the bar pretty high for local support and we are hopeful that dioceses will rise to this level of local support for future events. We need to book the dates with a location sooner than later. Bronwyn Skov, Youth Ministries Officer, will be making site visits in the spring of 2012 to engage discernment on where to go next. If you are interested in preparing for a site visit, please consider the Core Values and Criteria listed below. Feel free to contact Bronwyn with questions or for clarification, 646-242-1421.

Episcopal Youth Event Core Values
  • Focusing on Jesus Christ and his presence in our lives, EYE will provide an opportunity and create an environment where our young people and the adults who accompany them can continue to grow on their journey in faith.
  • Striving to be a uniquely Episcopal Community and acknowledging that each person is a child of God and that we are called together into a full relationship with God and God’s Creation, we claim that we are a sacramental people of common prayer with diverse understandings and cultural contexts, all of whom work together as the Body of Christ.
  • Celebrating our mission and our ministry as the Body of Christ in Community, we will offer training for young people and adults and equip them to be faithful servant leaders in their local and diocesan communities.
  • Embracing the “Anglican Marks of Mission” as our charge, we will strive to engage the passion and energy of faithful youth, to embrace their call to ministry and to empower them to put their faith into action.

 Minimum Criteria for Hosting EYE

  • Capacity for large group worship space, approximately 1500
  • Capacity for campus housing and style of housing (prefer tower dorms with indoor access to rooms, prefer suites with bathrooms - per person price should include towels, sheets, blankets & pillows)
  • Capacity of dining hall (how long does it take to feed 800 people, 1000 people, 1200 people, 1500 people)
  • Capacity for workshop/meeting rooms  - at least 30 unique spaces available at the same time plus event chapel space
  • What is included with a contract in terms of staff and facility
    • Audio/visual equipment and staff included or not?
    • Recreational facilities (pool? Gym? Outdoors?)
    • Security Staff? Health care staff? Residence Hall staff?
  • Transportation
    • How close is the airport? Is the airport a major hub?
    • What about airport shuttles?
  • Local Support
    • Hospitality crew for arrival and departure days
    • Daily hospitality support for behind the scenes preparation
    • local mission opportunities
Bring it on EpiscoPeeps! We can't wait to see where the Spirit is leading us next!

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