11 October 2011

Five Marks of Mission

The Five Marks of Mission clip below is from our brothers and sisters of the Anglican Church in Canada, specifically Ottawa.  Our own General Convention adopted the Five Marks of Mission in 2009. The Marks are not a new way to live out our faith, but they provide a common language and a simpified tool for articulating and living out our Baptismal promises across the Anglican Communion and throughout the world. This clip will be used later this week when welcoming participants to some of the workshops at "Everyone Everywhere 2011," a global and domestic mission conference of the Episcopal Church being held at YMCA of the Rockies. Use the link to the conference to view webcasts for worship, plenary sessions, and workshops. Enjoy the clip!

What are the Marks of Mission? Why are they important? How would we know if we were living them out? Inspired by the resources at www.anglican.ca/marks/about, this video was originally created for "Great Chapters" (regional meetings) in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. It was first used in the fall of 2011. "When We Go," the track playing in the background is from Jon Brooks' 2009 Album "Moth Nor Rust." You can get the album or more info on Jon and his music at http://www.jonbrooks.ca/.

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