17 November 2009

Next Generation of Faithful

The Province VI Youth Ministry Coordinator, Lydia Kelsey, is from the Diocese of Iowa. She wears more than the Youth Ministry hat there and also serves as the diocesan Communications Officer. At our recent network gathering at Kanuga Linda Watt, Chief Operating Officer of The Episcopal Church, impressed with the stories she heard of the Provincial Youth Ministry Coordinators and the Episcopal Council for Christian Education members, offered the reflection that we are "Renaissance" people. She was very impressed with our multi-faceted approaches to ministry and our cross-disciplinary giftedness. We gave her great hope for our church that needs to focus on mission. Lydia has offered an interesting gift in the form of this YouTube reflection of what the Episcopal Church can be proud of and what we need to tend to so that we might welcome the strangers who would accept our invitation to join us in God's mission in the world. In case that hotlink doesn't work, here's the URL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLZzKrnu1oc It's currently on the front page of Iowa's website, too.
And thank you Iowa and Lydia!

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